New in the house

This yellow lamp moved into the kitchen a while ago.

Tickets to Depeche Mode next year, so excited!

Some weeks ago I came home to a new reading corner in the kitchen.

The latest issue of Frankie Magazine has an amazing cover...

...and a photo by me on the inside.

In the latest issue of Femina I am talking a bit about a book I really like.

You've seen this before, but this time it has grown a bit.

Good to know: I ship Wrist Worms every day until Xmas :)


  1. yeah! let´s get some cat souls to build an organ!

  2. you have your depeche mode tickets alreay? hmm ours haven't arrived yet! I'm excited too!! :D

  3. Beautiful yellow lamp Sandra, picture of yourself and very good choice of book!

  4. this yellow lamp is really beautiful, and i love your quirky wall of wool pieces !


  5. Love your new kitchen corner and the bulbs with the flowers!

  6. I am crazy about Murakami too. I have read three of his books in a short time now.

    Frankie.. wish I could get my hands on it. I used to buy it when we lived in California.

  7. oh, I love Murakami's work as well... but my favorite of his is Norwegian wood so far.
    The yellow lamp looks amazing...

  8. You have such a beautiful home Sandra! You're so lucky you get to see Depeche Mode! So jealous!


  9. ah,damn,my frankie abo just expired!now i wish i would still get the magazine..

  10. One and for ever: I love your pics. And I found a few things on your fridge we have in our home as well - e.g. the DM tickets :-)
    liebe grüße, xx

  11. Depeche Mode!! how exciting!!
    I love frankie magazine, I have that issue too but in my ipad , that cover is amazing I wish I had it in paper.
    Happy friday and weekend!

  12. I love all your walking around photos that give us all a glimpse into Berlin life. And I really love the photos of the interior of your beautiful home. I can't help but notice all the graffiti in Berlin and wonder what the opinion is about it. Where I live (Portland, Oregon, USA) we clean off the graffiti and repaint to cover it up. And so my question: Are there groups of people who go around and clean it up in Berlin or is it just accepted as art and left? I love taking photos of it, but the other side of me hates to see such beautiful buildings defaced. I'd love to hear your opinion.

  13. every photo in this post is beautiful, sandra!

  14. i do spy some familiar postcards =)


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