Winter in north Sweden

It was amazing to meet my family for some days. I do miss them a lot when I'm not there of course, hopefully I can go back again soon.

The lamp in the last picture is a fleamarket find from my dad, I was so happy when he gave it to me. The dogs glued on the guitar make me laugh.


  1. Oh, it looks so bitterly cold and yet so beautiful. My favorite trip ever was visiting Antarctica, and anything that reminds me of those happy, beautiful, frosty days makes me glad.

  2. Great flea market lamp...and love your winter photos :o)

  3. It looks as frosty as northern Finland, we were just there. We live in southern Finland ourselves and it's not as cold here.

    I loved those pictures of your Halloween party with family! You captured the feeling really well.

  4. In your pictures I really can feel the crisp cold of Sweden.
    I so want to visit this country someday!
    thanks for sharing these pictures.
    And great lamp too! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, love the lamp...the two dogs, the lamp shade everything...your Dad knows how to find wonderful things :)

  6. Luleå..det var et tag sen jag var där, men det är så roligt när man känner igen sig i bilder. Rolig lampa!

  7. We have Ebeneser also here in Helsinki. It used to be school for day care teachers. Today there is is a shcool for children whos has learning disabilities in that building.
    Nice feelings from northen Sweden! :-)

  8. Hej Sandra!
    Jag gillar verkligen dina illustrationer! Jag undrar om jag får publicera ett par av dina bilder på "kaffe-illustrationer" på vårt cafés fb-sida(http://el-gr.facebook.com/cheerscafeglyfada)? Isåfall sätter jag en länk hit till din blogg, eller det kanske är bättre till din shop.
    Många hälsningar från en norrlänning(Umeå)i Grekland!

    1. Hej Eva,
      nej det är inte OK att använda mina bilder i business-sammanhang.
      Tack för dina fina ord!

  9. that lamp is just too cool! =) where will you place it?

  10. Love the lamp! Reminds me of my grandfathers troll lamps. :)

  11. O.k, jag hittade nu din sida med FAQ! http://sandrajuto.blogspot.gr/p/faq.html
    Tack, ha en fin dag!


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