A Sunday last Fall, Part I

One of the best Sunday's last Fall was the one I spent with Trixi walking around half of the city taking pictures and laughing. Here you can see Trixi's pictures of our day. I have many more to share, but now I don't have time since I'm going out to meet... Trixi!

Happy Sunday!

Thank you for sending such kind and loving comments on my previous post. It was the first time I wrote something so personal here, it's somehow easier to be more personal with pictures :)


  1. love those turquoise brogues :)

  2. oh have fun together!!!
    and a wonderful sunday.


  3. Der Sandra!

    I have been following your blog for a while now, but has not yet commented.
    But after your last post, I just have to compliment.
    I absolutely love your beautiful blog.
    You take the most beautiful pictures and is very inspiring and creative.

    Have a beutiful day!

  4. I love both your shoes. They complement each other so well!!

  5. Eeee! Say "hello" to Trixi for me!
    Have a lovely time! :***

  6. Have a great Sunday! I was so happy to read your love story <3 thank you for sharing it!

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  7. Sandra, such great shots. Love the soft and warm light. Thanks for taking us on your walk with you.

  8. I always adore your photos. I wish we had places like this in the States.

  9. love your blog, so simple yet so amazing!

  10. I love learning your life from your pictures, as well :)

  11. wow love your blog already and only just landed! followed the links from lou at little green shed and here i am ogling your pics like a women who owns a camera and has no idea how to use it...ahhhhh yes that is me! happy to be following xxxx

  12. oh such lovely pictures!!! i also miss some spring, summer and fall days! i'm so tired of winter! and it was a pleasure to go through trixi's blog, beautiful pictures as well!

  13. lovely photos!! these kind of day are to treasure..

  14. I love all the pics, but...I have fallen in love with that pair of turquoise oxford shoes!


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