Going on in my studio

My studio is full of yarn and Wrist Worms, currently making space in the shop for the Fall 2013 collection - which means:

All available Wrist Worms are €10 cheaper (€25 instead of €35) until sold out!


Since I got back from Paris, I...

...have been working quite a lot, as well as taken time to meet friends in the evenings.

...have filled my home with peonies and started to eat lunch at home every day when I'm working.

...have been to a friend's place to try out some different sparkling wines for her upcoming wedding party.

...have been preparing for Fall 2013 Wrist Worms (and making space for that with a SALE in my shop - €10 discount on ALL available Wrist Worms!), and going around the city in a car quite a lot.

...have been eating lots of miso soup and seaweed salad and been enjoying the heatwave on my balcony.

...have spent an afternoon on a rooftop bar with dear friends and been to a Depeche Mode concert.

...have been busy with Wrist Worms and started to make another grannysquare blanket which will be listed in the shop as soon as it's finished. Will keep you updated!

...have had the honour to see my friends getting married.

...have had aperol spritz and moose dinner with Johan's parents.

...was attacked by Camilla and Ingvar for some days, yay!

...and as always when we meet we have a whole year to catch up, so we talk talk talk, eat eat eat, drink drink drink and walk walk walk.

...have been visiting the farmers market every Saturday and this Saturday we went to a barbeque and Johan prepared those skewers.

...have been drinking a few glasses of amazing vodka which kept me up all night dancing like crazy with friends.


Coffee with Hanna

Pictures from a coffee date with Hanna, we always end up talking about dogs (and talk to dogs who pass by us).



Looking at these pictures calms me down. It's been a crazy party weekend! So great, I really needed it!
Hope you've had fun too!


Being home again

Coming back to Berlin after some days in Paris - so colourful!
I have been back for several weeks already, but neglected both camera and blog for a while due to many many visitors in town. It's been so much fun and now I look forward to spending the rest of my summer focusing on work (including this space) and meeting Berlin based friends.


Paris, The last day, Part VI

We ended our visit in Paris with a good glass of beer and these were the last pictures. Now new adventures :)