Paris, on a Sunday morning part I

We started our Sunday with a walk and passed by a good looking place which I can't remember the name of, where I had an espresso and Johan had fresh lemon juice (on Instagram people were asking if he was drinking Pernod).


  1. THAT BREAKFAST! Oh, why is it so challenging to have those breakfast spreads that when we're at home?? I only ever see them in hotels ;)

    Love the detail shots of the tiles. Seems like it's something a lot of people would miss.

  2. What a great start to a Sunday :) Such beautiful photos, so happy to have found your Blog, and can't wait for more!

  3. Was it "Cafe Charbon" on "Rue Oberkampf" street ?
    And where did you eat such a nice breakfast ? (it's quite difficult to find a good breakfast place in Paris !)

  4. oh my, those parissian breakfasts are amazing! (I lovvve those mini jars of Bonne maman, were you able to take them with you?)

    gorgeous pics!

  5. A look at Paris from a different angle, soo refreshing! :)

  6. so nice, yummy, beautiful.

  7. Yes, I am quite sure as well it is Café Charbon in Rue Oberkampf!:) Oh, so beautiful pictures Sandra!


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