Paris, Saturday from morning until the evening

Good morning Paris!

We went back to The Broken Arm for great coffee.

And took a slow walk to...

...met our dear friend Marion at Télescope Café for another great coffee!

Went for some Japanese food for lunch closeby together. Talked a lot and took a walk. I often tend to forget about my camera when I'm in nice company, so I didn't take many more pictures on Saturday, except for this one:

A wonderful evening at our friend Beatrice and her lovely family's place :)

What a great day of walks and friends in Paris!


  1. wonderful photos! And I love Beatrice's work...she is one of my favorite illustrators! I am so angry at myself because I didn't buy her "gisele de verre" book years ago...now there is nowhere to be found... I hope they will reprint it someday :)

  2. your blog is like a beautiful dream. so happy to have found you!

  3. Looks like you had a delightful day! I guess both of you will go back soon :)

  4. But what happens with that lamp? We want to know!!!


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