A new-old project

This summer I am working on a new grannysquare blanket, I think it's the 6th or 7th I make.

It will be available in the shop when it's finished, will keep you posted!

Also I am sniffing on peonies, best flower scent.

Summer is good to me, I haven't planned any holidays until end of August, so until then I'm enjoying spending evenings with friends, going swimming in the morning, meeting Johan for lunch in the middle of the day and take some car rides around the city. How about you, are you going somewhere special?


  1. im going to taizé,its been years since ive been there last.

  2. i love your blankets, especially the beautiful colours you choose. and so much work! i hope they live long lives passed on as family heirlooms to the people they end up with. also i'm at the end of a special month long holiday and we are enjoying your beautiful city, berlin as our last stop! the weather has been amazing!!! and the strawberries yum ; ) xevie

  3. Your summer plans sound just perfect, and your blanket-in-progress is looking that way, too! :)

  4. Hej my Swedish friend!

    Next month we'll travel to Seattle/Portland. "Special"
    because Seattle is my hometown and the children regard
    it as their "summer home". Portland because it's a great
    town and our oldest lives there.

    It's all about quality of life and it sure seems that the
    Berlin move was one of the best decisions ever! Couldn't
    be happier for you + Johan.

    your American friend :^)

  5. i love your granny square blankets! I did not have the patience so far to make a big one.

  6. It is going to be a quiet summer here, I just decided to spend it not far from home, on the mountains, where I can relax but also -hopefully- work at my projects.
    We walk a lot but today not yet as it is very rainy.
    Friends will be visiting soon, which is always great.

    Love your blanket, very inspiring, when I see its beautiful colors I get tempted to start one myself ;-)

  7. Love your soon-to-be-blanket :-)

  8. It's sunny time for crochet in fact ! Enjoy. This blanket is the ideal for yarn leftovers.


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