July 24, 2006-2013

2006: I was visiting my old hometown Luleå and this is my favourite house there.

2007: I was visiting my nieces' grandfather and bonus-grandmother in their summer house in Småland, taking funny face pictures of Lo and Johan.

2008: Just about to start working on my pieces for Lines & Shapes, having coffee at Kafé Marmelad in Gothenburg.

2009: Johan and I were sitting at our favourite spot down by the river in Gothenburg, having bubbly and sandwiches.

2010: My parents were visiting in Gothenburg and we had a dinner at our place.

2011: I was stacking up Wrist Worms for the Fall.

2012: Working on this all day long, so much fun!

2013: It's still early in the morning and my first plan today is to pack orders and go to the post office. There are still a few EYES prints left, yay!


2013: A great day so far! Mr Nicholas showing his buttcrack, running errands, having coffee and a good read and then back to work!


  1. schön. einfach nur klasse so ein jahres-rückblick-tagebuch! :)

  2. Have a lovely day!

    p.s. Loooove the eyes prints. Great work!

  3. und ein bisschen wie ein einzigeR tag.
    so besondeRs. so toll.

  4. hi!
    is good to remember the good times.
    nice post & nice pics too (as always) :)
    see you soon



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