Upgraded bathroom

So, today is a happy day for me and Johan. Last September we gave up showering at home because the coal heater wasn't working properly (2 seconds of cold water, 2 seconds of boiling water). So from September until today we have been going to a gym just to shower. The swimmingpool picture is from a great party last month.

Many many phone calls later during many many months, a guy finally came over and as a happy surprise he torn out the bathtub (beautiful, golden, but impossible to get clean). You can see pictures from when we took over the place here, so you get a picture of what a mess the place was :)

We both stayed at home to work and of course eat while the guy was installing the electric (!) boiler and new bathtub.

While writing this blog post I'm waiting for the water to be hot enough to take my first shower in almost a year at home! Maybe you can imagine the happy dog Sandra jumping around in circles tearing down things with her tail.

See you!


  1. The image of happy dog Sandra is too funny. Enjoy!

  2. You are incredibly patient...
    I'm glad you're finally getting a proper shower!

    And that pool party picture - you party animals! heehee ;D

  3. oh..wow!! congratulations!! I can imagine how happy you are now!! i think its worth a celebration=)

  4. Enjoy!! have a loooong shower, you guys deserve it!


  5. herzlichen glückwunsch fürs baden endlich, endlich zu hause! :) vor allem im neuen, strahlenden weiss, vermute ich. ? das sushi sieht sooooo lecker aus! viel badespaß, lotte.

  6. I can just say you are really really patient.... My god! Enjoy the new shower!

  7. I was watching your food and just have not learned how to make sushi rollsbut chinese soup, roulades and sour sauce is easy ... check here

    see you soon

  8. Wow that is a long time, I would have been thoroughly fed up by now. I hope that you enjoyed your first shower in a long time, yay to showers!! Oh and I love the gold bath tub by the way :)

  9. hello sandra..i love your blog and today at work all my collegues were looking at your creations with big OOhh!! AAhhh!! WAOW !!! ...after work i get some alpaca and start crochet...hihi
    if you ever come to paris i 'll be glad to give you some tips about nice places for creativity and coffee
    with all my friendship from paris


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