€10 discount

Wrist Worms on summer SALE,
€10 discount on all pairs, until August 20!

More info in the shop!

Welcome! Worldwide shipping!

FYI: The shop will be closed during a couple of weeks from August 20
while I'm enjoying some vacation and new Wrist Worms will be available
beginning of September, both new and old designs. Looking forward to it!
Fall 2013, yay! :)


  1. I just bought a pair so quickly I'm not even sure what happened.

    I feel a bit dizzy now.

  2. Looking forward to see the new Wrist Worms this Fall! Enjoy your vacation.

  3. I just checked your shop and you are already closed...
    Your photo/poster says 20th and your blog post says the 21st...I guess it is the 20th after all...
    Hope you enjoy your vacation time!

    1. yes, sorry! it's 20th and i did a mistake in this post, but it's changed now - thanks for pointing it out!

      vacation time hooray! my first full week in a very very long time!!!


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