My favourite lunch at the moment (including recipe)

My current lunch addiction (and you know I like simple lunches, so here is a simple recipe for you):

Romaine lettuce with feta cheese, tomato and an egg

You need:
1 romaine lettuce head
1 piece of garlic (chopped)
Fresh lemon juice
Butter (or olive oil if you prefer that)
Feta cheese (as much as you like)
1 tomato
1 egg
Salt & Pepper

Do like this:
Boil a pot of water (salted) and heat up a pan. Slice off the bottom of the romaine lettuce. Let the lettuce boil for 20-30 seconds, pick it up and let the water rinse off. Put some butter (or oil) in the hot pan and let the lettuce fry for 20-30 seconds (add salt & pepper, garlic and lemon juice). Place the lettuce on a plate and sprinkle feta cheese on it. Fry the egg and the tomato (sliced in 2 halfs). Add salt & pepper. Place it all on the plate and enjoy!


  1. mmmh I'm going to try :)

  2. I live in Berlin too and I always admire how well you eat. Thanks for sharing so many ideas! Anna

  3. I've never cooked lettuce before - this is blowing my mind!

  4. ohohooooooh it looks like yummy!!! *wasser-im-mund-zusammen-lauf* ;)

  5. Åh gott! Tackar och bugar för matinspirationen!

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