Tiles love

A few random positive things about having left Sweden for Germany:

The pretty tiles never cease to amaze me.
Eggs taste better (groceries, especially vegetables, are of higher quality in general).
Skin is in a pretty much better condition.
Fresh flowers are affordable.
The rest of Europe is closer.


Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun does not only offer Streetfood Thursday - on Fridays and Saturdays there's the Wochenmarkt and every day except Sunday there are lots of good places open, for example the italian bakery Sironi. Their bread is so so good.


The beauty of Fall

Oh nature. The patterns are amazing.
These pictures are from a morning walk.
A Berlin coffee guide will arrive here within a month I hope :)

Happy friday!


Another day, another coffee place

So many new great coffee places have opened up in Berlin since I moved here a few years ago. Concierge Coffee opened in July and I really like it.

I am thinking about making a Berlin coffee guide (here is another Berlin guide I made last year), would that be of interest?


Box Box Boxi

Join me to the farmers market!

Starting every Saturday with a flat white.

At the Italian cheese guys' place, oh my - those cheeses are...!!!

Sharing a spinach-gorgonzola-sandwich with Johan.

One of the organic stands, they present their food in such a beautiful way.

Going to the market every Saturday is really one of the highlights of the week, I'm already looking forward to it! Only 2 days more to go :)

Brought these beauties home.


A morning in Mitte

Last Friday Johan and I had the day off and started our morning at The Barn Roastery, that sandwich is delicious (goatcheese and beetroot). Took a stroll, bought a few of my favourite pen and then went home for lunch. Those 4 days off were well needed.


Livingroom changes

Did some changes to the livingroom the other day and it turned out so much better; more light for the plants, a wall behind my back while reading on the sofa makes me feel more comfortable and much better light for reading.

That bookshelf? It's just a wooden plank resting on two piles of books (Johan and I simply chose the ones we haven't been opening for years). The rest of the books can be moved however we want to. It was just a temporary solution in the beginning and now it seems like it's here to stay :)

Shop news:
Navy blue cotton (veggie) Wrist Worms available now!
This popular colour is back in stock.


Last Friday on a date with Benno

After my long walk, I took the s-bahn to meet friends. First stop - new energy thanks to pizza!

More energy thanks to this.

Meeting my friend Benno, he's the best as you can see.

Having coffee, of course.

Above us, this beautiful beautiful tree.

Let's see what this Friday brings! Both Johan and I are off today, yay! Do you have any special plans?


Gathering inspiration

Best way, for me, to gather inspiration is to take a long walk with my camera. I can never get enough of looking at buildings and finding streets I haven't seen before. This is one of the reasons why I love living in a big city.