Mollie Makes Home

Me and my (Johan's too of course) home is featured on some spreads in the latest issue of Mollie Makes Home. Fun!

- - - - -

I have been a bit abscent from this space; lots of work, being short and intensely sick, lots of meeting friends etc. Sometimes people ask me what I do when I don't feel like or have the time to blog. The answer is simple: I don't do it :)
Now I'm back though, hi!


  1. That is so much fun! I'll keep my eye peeled for the magazine :>

  2. Dear S, you look gorgeous! And your apartment is amazing, of course! ;)


  3. nice feature and photo of you. hope you are feeling better!

  4. Congratulations! hope you feeling better. :)

  5. Nice to see the Mollie spread Sandra. Oh dear, I hope my subscription to your blog didn't make you sick -- those two things seemed to coincide! Hi from Australia.

  6. Din blogg är så mysig, tack för alla fina bilder, man blir varm i hela kroppen och längtar till underbara Berlin, om två veckor åker jag och min man dit igen för 10 gången, det har blivit våran plats på jorden, det första vi gör är att gå till Alibaba vid Savignyplatz och käka, kramar Cilla

  7. Hi Sandra, that looks fabulous, congrats. Hope I will get this magazine here without ordering it. With this nasty weather outside I need something to bright up my days with color and cosy homes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Barbara Bee

  8. Glad to see you here, hope you are doing much better and congrats for the article in the magazine!


  9. that is great!! congratulations ( i mean on the magazine feature=)).
    and i am glad you are back =)
    have a nice week!

  10. Vad roligt med tidnings artikeln. Man bloggar när man har lust och har tid, det blir mer äkta då. Ha en bra helg!

  11. wow. I always say this, but again, you look even more fabulous with your naturally colored hair getting longer!! what fun! enjo it!! and of course your photos are great, and the apartment, everything!!


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