Things to look forward to this week

This is one of the things I look forward to when coming back home to Berlin; good coffee! In Luleå (north Sweden) there is no really good coffee to find, but as I'm not addicted to the caffeine I don't need my coffee fix on a daily basis, I'm only in it for the taste of really good coffee :)

Also, looking forward to having a dear friend over for some days as I get back home. We are going to go for long walks, drink coffee and I guess lots of wine, eat amazing food and talk talk talk.

And of course I'm looking forward to coming back home to Johan :)

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I'm looking forward to going to the movies tomorrow and to seeing back my friend from Paris on Friday :)
    Schöne Woche!!

  2. Isn't it good for us, non-caffeine-addicts, this coffee philosophy – sometimes it is enough not just a taste of it, but just the gorgeous smell of it, heh, you know – like Popeye and his spinach. :)

    It was obviously something coffee-smelling in the air yesterday – I, too, wrote about coffee, but here we have quite a good offer (and influences); our neighbours are Italians and we’re not so very far away from Bosnia. :)

    Anyway, among other things I look forward to go for two coffee-dates this week! :)

    Lep pozdrav / Greetings!

  3. Hello, I'm Elisabeth, live in Brasilia-DF Brazil, have been following your beautiful blog for a while.... I'm looking forward to work on my necklaces and paintings (as I haven't done anything for a long long time), and to drink a good coffee (we some quite good around here too:) ) with my sister on the weekend...

  4. I'm looking forward to going for long walks and taking lots of photos this week :-)

  5. i like the font on the cup! well, this week i am really looking forward to weekend. it is a very busy one...


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