One week ago

Just arrived back from the market where I had soup and bought lots of veggies and eggs for the upcoming xmas dinner. This year Johan and I are celebrating on our own, which hasn't happened in many years. Looking forward to a day of food and love. And a skypedate with my sister.

Pictures above are from last Saturday's market; the first day in a long time when I actually had time to take my camera out for a walk. Have been working 80 hours a week for a month and it feels really good to work less for some days now :) Last picture shows bread with grilled trout, yum.

Happy weekend!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a lot of work! Have a wonderful, relaxing and calming Christmas time Sandra! Love and peace!


  2. It looks pretty cold there! Good to know that you'll have some relaxing time now: enjoy it! Happy Holidays and 'guten Appetit': your X-mas plans sound perfect :)


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