20 facts about me


The other day I shared 20 facts about me on my instagram account (my username is sandrajuto), here they are:

1. i am pretty faceblind which means i have to meet people several times before i (hopefully) know what they look like.

2. the day i was born it was -42 degrees celcius.

3. i started drinking coffee just for the sake of taking pictures of it.

4. social lonewolf - that's me.

5. i have watched twin peaks once a year since it came out.

6. love eggs.

7. my favourite music is pet shop boys.

8. i'm (unfortunately) a typical firstborn.

9. i enjoy getting older.

10. i started working in the middle of my studies. work was (is) my best education.

11. i'm a city person.

12. i am an extreme version of "highly sensitive person" which is mostly positive but sometimes makes situations a little less bearable for me than for people around me.

13. my favourite cocktail is dry martini (gin/olives).

14. i'm married to a wonderful person (phew).

15. i come from sweden and have no plans to live there again (sorry family).

16. after practising a lot i am now very good at saying NO.

17. after practising a lot i am now also very good at saying YES.

18. i have 30 cousins.

19. i have no guilty pleasures (i don't believe in guilt).

20. i am so lucky for being best friends with my sister and our mother.


  1. I want to adopt fact number 19. I feel guilty about waaaaay too much. Like eating M&M's yesterday ;-)
    So nice to get to know you a bit more. I might give the 20-facts-about-me idea a try too. Wonder what I'll come up with...

    Happy weekend!

  2. i had to look "face blind" up :P didn't know what it meant and it has a serious name and all!

    i might consider doing my own 20 facts but then, i am not that interesting haha. no one will care!
    happy weekend!

  3. Hah! A social lonewolf and highly sensitive - that's me! I've been thinking about that fact a lot and am trying to see/use it as a strength and not a weakness. Easier said than done though... I'm really really trying to accept my wide range of fast shifting feelings and see the beautifulness in an open heart and mind, even though it hurts sometimes. I guess it's a creative-people-kind-of-thing. Whats your thoughts on the subject?
    Och nu insåg jag att jag skrivit hela kommentaren på engelska helt i onödan :)

    1. jag hörde någon gång att hsp är överrepresenterat bland kreativa människor, så vi har nog hsp'n att tacka för mycket. det blev mycket lättare för mig att leva när jag hörde talas om hsp för några år sedan, nu kan jag acceptera "varför" jag är som jag är och reagerar som jag gör :) kram!

  4. I share fact nr 3 with you :)
    Have a happy weekend over there!

  5. Thanks for sharing, how fun. I first heard of face blindness when reading about one of my favourite authors Oliver Sacks. Have you read The Woman Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat? I love it, I guess it's the real life surrealism of it that appeals to me.

  6. Hej Sandra,

    what does it mean that you are an highly sensitive person? I mean not a dictonary answer, how does it influence your daily live? Or how is it for you? How do you feel different than I (not highly sensitive person)?

    Sorry for the bad english, need to train it :o)

  7. Haha, these are some nice facts! I like that you started drinking coffee to take pictures of them and now it seems to have turned into such a passion tastewise too : )

    I also was actually a bit surprised to know you are highly sensitive, I don't know why. But maybe that is why you don't write a lot of personal stuff on your blog, but keeps things quite balanced. I'm not against being open on the internet, but I still feel more comfortable when a lot of things are left unsaid. I think privacy is important. And also if a person is more reluctant like that it ends up mattering much more when somebody then opens up and write something more personally... Like when you wrote some posts ago that you realized you were feeling better because you were starting to argue again, haha, even though that was also humoristic it really made me happy that you shared something like that. Maybe you are so good at this balance because you're mostly a photo-blog? Or maybe this has nothing to do with being highly sensitive, it was just a thought. (I am this myself.)

    Anyway, this was really nice to read : )

    Inger Zivana

  8. Loved reading these. I think I might be number 4 too. I also want to adopt number 19, guilt is a waste of time when I think about it!

  9. I have watched Twin Peaks quite a lot myself...sometimes more than once a year. It is my go-to and lovely to watch while I am sewing and doing other things.


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