Prints & your wish might be my command


Right now I have a sale in my shop, read more here.

Also, if you could wish/dream away, what would you like see in the future when it comes to my illustration prints? Any ideas of moods, motifs, colours etc? I've started working on a new collection for Fall and thought I could involve you a bit too :)


  1. Maybe something about Berlin? I mean, not the obvious (touristy) cityscape of the tv tower or the Berlin bear etc.,
    ... but something "small", maybe a little detail, that is typical Berlin in your eyes.

    1. thanks for your input! i would love to make a berlin series :)

    2. Yes! And what about Berlin tiles? I like your instagram posts of them.

    3. I was thinking the same thing! Berlin tiles!

  2. I guess , you being a foodie, you could make your own version of... your favourite dishes and coffees!
    I like your color palette as it is.

  3. Oh i'd love to see my town, Paris, in one of your illustrations !
    I already loved to see it in your photos :)

  4. Maybe some kind of botanical elements/motifs. Not really for fall but I love that sort of thing.


  5. A dog waiting outside a shop?

    Berlin series very good idea too.

  6. Berlin landmarks and street scenes, especially if they reflect the seasons. And by landmarks I mean *your* landmarks - the places which are the most meaningful to you.

    Food, too - maybe single subjects (coffee, pastry, noodles, salad, fizzy wine, etc.). Have fun!

  7. I would love to see some water prints. I've enjoyed your photos of the harbor and ships, so something along those lines would be wonderful. :)


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