A great holiday gift


Wrist Worms have been a very popular gift for the holidays through the years, giving someone warm hands gives a good feeling, doesn't it? Until 1st of December the Wrist Worms are 20% off with discount code NOVEMBER. If you live outside of Europe, I recommend to place the order soon to make sure they arrive before the holidays.

Why Wrist Worms?
Apart from adding something extra to your outfit, keeping your wrists warm makes your hands stay warm which is ideal in situations when you can't have your fingers trapped in regular gloves, for example when:

Playing an instrument
Going skiing or doing other outdoor sports
Taking pictures
Writing & Drawing
Typing on your computer, offices can be chilly
Selling stuff at an outdoor market
Taking out a pram for a walk
Using a touchscreen device
Holding that glass of cold beverage at that amazing garden party
Sleeping / Reading a book in a chilly room
etc etc

Wrist Worms are handmade by me with 100% natural materials and 100% love.

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