Let's talk about the weather

Talking about the weather is a topic I gladly avoid when I meet friends, I'd rather talk about heartaches, good food, dogs, far away places, politics and so on.

But, here it comes: I'm a weather reports junkie. I can always answer when someone asks how the next few days are going to be. Why? Well, first - heating up my apartment with coal, it's necessary for me to know if the temperatures all of a sudden will drop - it takes many many hours to get the oven hot enough to heat up my place. And second - I love to walk and prefer to dress in a way that I don't get too hot or too cold.

On Sundays, the stores in Berlin are closed, so imagine if I run out of coal on a Sunday morning and it's -15°C. Brr. It takes a bit of planning to have this old-fashioned (and shitty for the environment, I know) heating system, people said I would go crazy, but still after 6 years I don't find it that much of a hassle as I work from home and the heat is much more comfortable than from radiators. Picture above shows how coal can be delivered to your home, but I don't have any space in the basement to put it, so I go to the hardware store instead.

When WeatherBug asked me if I wanted to check out their weather app, I said yes. I really like how thorough it is and it helps me to plan for a warm home and inform my friends what they might have to look forward to ;)

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  1. Hello. You buy coal from a hardware store and carry it home? How much do you buy at one time? How long does it last? Does the coal ash (?) fall down on your apartment? I apologize for my ignorance but you make me so curious.

    Thank you.

    1. We buy about 50-75 kilos at a time, it takes about 5+ kilos a day to heat. And the ash is ridiculously dirty, so I cover all my stuff with sheets every time I empty the oven :)


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