Fasting, Day 3




Yesterday I wrote a post about how my fasting is going, but it felt so trivial compared to things happening around us, so I deleted it. Then I came to my senses and thought about how important it is for me to have this space of trivial things, to keep me going and be able to concentrate on bigger things.

The fasting is going very very well. I never thought it would be this easy for me to stay away from food. I feel very calm, have only felt this calm on Xanax (!) before, my head feels very clear (which it didn't on Xanax ha ha) and I'm focused in a way I haven't been for a long time. I was sure I would feel hunger, tiredness and headaches, but so far nothing.

Day 1. I was craving cottage cheese and kalamata olives. My vision was a bit distorted for a while, felt like I was at a rave party. Johan cooked himself dinner and it smelled amazing. Slept 1 hour that night, think it was a combination of how my body reacted to the fast + the fact that it was full moon, which has affected my sleep a lot lately.

Day 2. Was working and reading and didn't have any cravings for any food until the evening when I was constantly thinking of cottage cheese and mozzarella for a couple of hours. Johan came home from work and cooked again, my cravings were gone. I smelled his food and his red wine and was happy with my glass of water (omg).

Day 3. Slept maybe 4-5 hours last night, very light sleep. Got up and decided to take a walk to Kreuzberg to buy some kalamata olives for tomorrow night when I probably start eating again. 4 kilometers was OK. So far I've had a liter of water and 2 espressos.

Tomorrow night I may give in to my cottage cheese & mozzarella cravings, yum!

So what is my fasting method?
I decided to give it 96 hours and I drink lots of water, some peppermint tea, 4 espressos a day and a mug of broth. I haven't tried any other method so I have nothing to compare to, it seems like this works very well for me though.

Why am I doing this?
Because I've never tried it before and lately I've been wanting to try something new. After the holidays I felt very heavy both in my body and mind and this is a kick start to start eating healthier again, because I know myself - I feel so much better when I eat well (who doesn't). I wanna go back to the life I was living when I was a happier Sandra: Get up early in the morning, take more pictures, be more creative, cook good food, read books, stay home more, be alone more, meet other creative people etc. Also I have wardrobe full of nice clothes that don't fit anymore so the plan is to be able to wear those soon instead of buying new ones.

Don't worry, this is not going to become an insane healthy living blog ;)

Ps. He-Man is dressed up for Berghain.


  1. The list of things that make you happier are also things that make me happy! Are you an INFJ? Anyway, you've inspired me to start a fast! p.s. I like these posts and it's nice to hear you're working on yourself - go Sandra!

    1. oh, enjoy if you start!
      i didn't know what INFJ stood for so i googled and found a test, the result i got was ENFJ.

  2. I've done extending fasting before and your post reminded me how good it felt! Lightened me both physically (ha) and spiritually. You've inspired me to give it another go - I also have a closet full of clothes that want to be worn again :)

    1. happy to remind you!
      i think i will try to do this about 4 times a year from now on, because the way i feel in my mind is crazy amazing. hope i can keep this feeling and calmness also with food in my belly ;)
      have fun!

  3. i did a raw food 'cleanse' in september, i lasted 18 days. I felt better than i had in years, and i slept so well... I miss that feeling and i'm trying to start to eat mostly raw fruits and veggies so that i can feel good without having to take any medication (i tried xanax and dont want to rely on it!)

    1. no, please avoid xanax as much as you can! my mum, who works as a therapist, told me it's one of the most addictive medicines. those of us who can balance our lives by eating the "right" things, exercise etc are very lucky.

      happy weekend!
      s x


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