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Last year I started a project I call Food terror on my private Facebook page (here is my official page, feel free to follow :) ). When I travel somewhere I take pictures of everything I eat and post on my FB wall. Some of my friends like it, some don't. Will terrorize you with the pictures here! It's dark most of the time up there, so it's pretty difficult to take good pictures with the phone.

Pic 1. At Arlanda Airport we of course had some cheeseburgers at Max.
Pic 2. I failed immediately. Was so hungry when I arrived in Luleå that I completely forgot to take a picture of the leverbiff my mum had made me. Took a picture of the disgusting Christmas sausage instead.
Pic 3. In the evening we snacked on the cheese I brought, with cloudberry jam and figs.

Pic 1. Went on the traditional second hand round with my dad and Johan (came home with a bag of books and amazing shot glasses that I will show you if I remember) and the obligatory kebab pizza with orient dressing.
Pic 2. My birthday party with sandwich cake!
Pic 3. And saffron semla!

Pic 1. This was the day before Christmas Eve and I had a bento box for lunch, so delicious.
Pic 2. In the evening my sister was preparing Christmas food, like Swedish meatballs and Jansson's temptation, which we of course had to try.

Pic 1. Christmas eve! It's the day when Swedes have the big celebration. This shows a part of the Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord.

Pic 1. Breakfast at my sister's.
Pic 2 & 3. My sister's and my plate. We prefer seafood, but there are also some meaty things. Kale salad with dijon mustard, parmesan cheese, hazelnuts etc made everything more fresh.

Pic 1. Christmas day, I didn't have a big breakfast ;)
Pic 2 & 3. Amazing dinner at my dad's. He made us moose meat soup with dumplings and also blood dumplings. I don't think I ever ate that much before, lots of soup and EIGHT dumplings.

Pic 1 & 2. Breakfast with Christmas leftovers and cheese.
Pic 3. Went to my mum's cousin Maria's birthday party and she fed us with pizza and lots of white wine.

Pic 1. I woke up with a hangover and decided to walk from my sister's place to my mum's. She was away swimming, Johan was sick and Thomas was sleeping, so I was snacking before our brunch. Sandwich and saffron bun.
Pic 2. Was still waiting, eating popcorn and drinking julmust (great hangover cure).
Pic 3. Yay, mum came home and we prepared everything! Was feeding Johan with broth, mr Fever.
Pic 4. In the afternoon my mum and I went to see my oldest friend at her parents' place, I hadn't seen her parents since the 1990's and it was so great to see them again. We had FIKA.
Pic 5. OK mum, I need to have more kebab pizza, so we went to a pizzeria and had an extra spicy one. Delicious, though very very fatty = stomach ache.
Pic 6. Went to visit friends who stuffed us with great snacks, bubbles and Gin & Tonics.

Pic 1. A small breakfast cause I knew we were going to end up at a Chinese buffet with my dad.
Pic 2 & 3. "Chinese" buffet. In Luleå you get pizza at Chinese restaurants. And sushi at this one.
Pic 4 & 5. My sister made fish soup with saffron in the evening after we had been bowling all of us, was so much fun!

Pic 1. Last breakfast, still with Christmas dinner leftovers, can't have enough.
Pic 2. Last meal in Sweden was the same as the first one, this time with fries as the brain was convinced that the body needed much more food after this week's food mayhem ;)

Happy weekend, all!

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