Glimpses of my visit in Luleå

My nieces had made us such beautiful pepparkakor.

This picture I shot wearing only my nightgown and curling boots and yes I was freezing. The other day I said to a friend I'm fucking cold!. His answer was Bitch, you're Swedish! and I answered I'm a human being! and how he laughed. One thing I've noticed is that my immune system is so much better than my Greek friends'; as soon as the temperatures here change, they get sick. I guess growing up in a very cold country had some benefits health wise ;)

A typical breakfast at my mum's & Thomas' place. I brought a lot of cheese with me (from Germany, France and Austria). We had an amazing amount of cured salmon every day. Johan made one of my favourite cured salmons: chili, vodka & fresh coriander/cilantro.

My mum, she was the craziest, most hyper active Santa ever. We were laughing so hard.

I love my family.
The second evening, they threw me an amazing birthday party with sandwich cake and saffron semla.

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