July 9, 2006


Summer 2006. I met a friend for coffee at one of my favourite cafés in the neighbourhood I used to live in, in Gothenburg. To be correct; she had coffee, I had tea.
I thought her coffee looked so delicious and photogenic, took this picture and decided to start drinking coffee. I wonder how many hundreds of coffee shots I have posted on my blog and on instagram so far. These days I'm not going out for a cup as often as before, I want it to become more special again.

Hope you all have had a good start to the new year. My 2017 has been good stuff so far, I'm very happy to leave the worst year of my life behind me. I wish you all lots of love, laughs, good food, peace, parties, harmony & coffee.


  1. For personal reasons I am also glad that 2016 is already behind.. let this one be simply smashing :)
    And thank you for all these 'coffee meetings'!

  2. 2016 was a very special but also a very difficult year for me. I became a mother but my marriage went through difficult time. Glad we left that year behind. I hope this year life will be a bit easier.

  3. I learned to love coffee... thanks to a swedish guy in Brussels, the place (Blomqvists) is now closed since several years... but I still love coffee, be with friends in a coffee place. 2016 has been so hard for me and 2017 will be challenging... but with nice places like here, it will be OK! Have a good year, full of people, things, projects and dreams to love this year!


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