Monday thoughts and a discount



SHOP UPDATE: 2 new cotton pairs in the Vegan Wrist Worms section. Salmon & Warm Grey.

Also: 20% off on all these Wrist Worms this week, with discount code WEEK40 on check out.

It's so helpful to keep your wrists warm, when you're working with your hands, reading a book, playing an instrument etc. I find typing much smoother, not to mention crocheting. During Winter I even sleep with Wrist Worms on, because my place is brutally cold sometimes. Trying to choose which pair to give myself for this Fall - this one or this one or maybe a new pair of my absolute favourite pair. This and this are the ones I've been wearing the most lately.

October is here and it's a rainy Monday in Berlin. Time to make a cup of tea and put on some slippers because I'm freezing. Stay warm!

This blog post is (obviously) advertising for my own products.

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