Oh the colours

Oh Berlin. When I go out to run errands, I bring my camera with me sometimes as you know. I like to collect pictures like this, colour inspiration.

This sign is very cute.

Berlin is full of graffiti and tags, I don't really see it anymore. It's part of this city's culture.

This colour combination is beautiful.

Hey, guys!

Also a fabulous colour combo.

What's up this weekend?
I'm working on my new web page, looking so much forward to releasing it. It's going to be at a new space and I hope I will manage to import this blog's archive over there. Will move over my portfolio stuff as well as make a proper page for the Wrist Worms. Will be great to have everything in the same place, side by side. Hope you want to join me to the new space :)

Apart from work work work, I'm going to make pasta again tonight and finish a book. They say a storm is coming.

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  1. I just love your view of the world. It makes me happy. Can't wait to see the new website!


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