Warm hands for the holidays


I know it might seem early, but to make sure your order will arrive in time for the holidays (if you live outside of the EU), it's time to start thinking about giving someone (or yourself) warm hands for the holidays :)

20% off with discount code WARMHANDS until November 15, yay!

It's a bit quiet here on the blog, I'm working on something new and look forward to showing you soon!

Sandra xo


  1. Sandra, I follow you since 2009... and I have commented twice...maybe. But I always follow your tips because I consider you are very cool and you have good taste...at least according to me... I would like to ask you for some advices on how to spend New year's eve in Berlin. Whatever...Thanks a lot.


    1. Oh wow, that's quite a long time! Thanks for joining me for the ride called life ;)

      New year's in Berlin, keep off the streets is my number one tip. Berlin is like a war zone, people throwing firecrackers everywhere. I usually throw a house party or go to a bar or club and stay there until the early morning hours when the warriors have stopped throwing bombs ;) Have fun!


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