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Don't know if anyone is hanging around here anymore? If you do, this blog isn't being updated anymore as I have moved to www.sandrajuto.co - where I blog more than ever. So much fun, welcome to join me over there!


New blog reminder


Hello, old blog!
I wanted to check in and remind you of the new place where I'm posting (old blog archive is there as well) in case you missed it:




Warm hands for the holidays


I know it might seem early, but to make sure your order will arrive in time for the holidays (if you live outside of the EU), it's time to start thinking about giving someone (or yourself) warm hands for the holidays :)

20% off with discount code WARMHANDS until November 15, yay!

It's a bit quiet here on the blog, I'm working on something new and look forward to showing you soon!

Sandra xo


Fall extravaganza

Let's have a look at some pictures from another day. Today is very stormy in Berlin and I'm not going outside.

Stayed in bed finishing a book this morning, drinking coffee.

One of my hobbies: Walking into courtyards to look what's hiding. Often very beautiful things.

This picture makes me dizzy, I like it.

Made me smile when I passed by this setting, seems like something started in one way and then ended in a rush.

Just ridiculously beautiful.

Does anyone know the name of this tree? It always gets so amazingly yellow and loses it's leaves quickly.

What's happening today at yours?
I'm working right now and will soon make a cauliflower & potato soup. Then work work.

Did you know that I do wholesale by the way? If you have a shop and want to stock my products - feel free to drop me an email at sandrajuto@gmail.com.


Oh the colours

Oh Berlin. When I go out to run errands, I bring my camera with me sometimes as you know. I like to collect pictures like this, colour inspiration.

This sign is very cute.

Berlin is full of graffiti and tags, I don't really see it anymore. It's part of this city's culture.

This colour combination is beautiful.

Hey, guys!

Also a fabulous colour combo.

What's up this weekend?
I'm working on my new web page, looking so much forward to releasing it. It's going to be at a new space and I hope I will manage to import this blog's archive over there. Will move over my portfolio stuff as well as make a proper page for the Wrist Worms. Will be great to have everything in the same place, side by side. Hope you want to join me to the new space :)

Apart from work work work, I'm going to make pasta again tonight and finish a book. They say a storm is coming.