Bye Bye September

Just some shots from a walk. I look forward to October, the leaves will have such nice colours to look at :)

Ps. Min lokal är fortfarande ledig, de som skulle ta över den ändrade sig i sista sekund.


Messages around my neighbourhood

If I were superstitious I would believe these signs were trying to tell me something ;)
It's a quite nice Fall day in Gothenburg, have been out running errands all day.
See you later!


Wrist Worms Season

It's definitely Wrist Worms season in my part of the world. One pair in a new colour - Grass Green - is now listed in the shop.

Some information: Snail-mail sent to my former studio space address will unfortunately be returned, I'm not having it forwarded, so please note my change of snail-mail address if you're sending me old-fashioned mail :)


Colourful Mess

Life is a colourful mess.
This weekend I've been going through all my work stuff and organizing trying to fit it in to our tiny 34sqm apartment. It'll do for a while, hopefully not too long, but it is kind of romantic in a way to manage in such a small space (positive thinking!).

Hotel Дружба


Out out out

This is one of my favourite restaurants/cafés/bars in Gothenburg, it's where I take my friends or my husband or myself and a book. I'll go there tonight to see my oldest friend, we've known eachother for 27 years, and she's in town for the day. So much fun!

Winter Berlin - amazing
Alex Steinweiss
& congratulations to one of my friends, it was her birthday yesterday :)


A farewell and a resurrection

Almost everything from my studio is stored in my basement, so much to go through and sort. It's pretty hard to try to fit in 35 sqm to a 2 sqm corner of the kitchen. Farewell studio :)

But nevermind that, I have the best news in the world (I know some of you have been worried):
The other day Johan and I got an sms from our neighbourfriend who we thought was gone forever. In just a few weeks he got his memory back, his body is working (but needs rehab of course). We went to visit him yesterday at the hospital and that thing they said about him never being the same person again... They were wrong! It's so so so so so amazing! He's back! He will move back to our house in a few weeks and Lisa the cat will be back as well :) I'm in a happy shock.


Last post from the studio

This is my last blog post from the studio :) I'm packing everything and will move later tonight. See you!


My studio and I are breaking up

A while ago I decided to give up my studio space. I've loved being and working here, but I need something new. And you know I like changes :)

In Swedish:
Annons för lokalen finns på Blocket. Jag kom på att det kanske finns någon av er läsare som behöver en lokal. Ska på onsdag eller torsdag välja ut max 3 personer som får gå vidare till uttagning hos hyresvärden. Observera att du måste ha registrerad firma för att få hyra lokalen och att den på inget vis får användas som bostad/övernattning.

Jag är i ateljén idag och rensar ut saker. Kommer att ställa ut en stor hög med tyger + ett skrivbord mm på gatan mellan kl 13-16 som vem som helst kan komma och göra till sina. Gratis :)


Weekend Projects

This weekend: Long Autumn walks, coffee with friends, finishing 2 good books (the one to the left is about Jehovah's Witnesses and it made me very unhappy and the one to the right is The Wind up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and he always makes me smile), watching the film Worlds Apart (also about Jehovah's Witnesses), crochet while following the general election disaster.

The green and the blue Wrist Worms are new colours and will be listed in the shop very soon! I'm also working on a blanket similar to this one, will be finished within a month I hope (and listed in the shop).


When it comes to yesterday's general election I can sum up this weekend in a few words: Darkness, anger, sadness, disappointment, disaster.

Read about it in NY Times.


General Election Day

Today is General Election Day in Sweden.

Snälla, gå och rösta idag.
Efter frukost ska jag gå till min vallokal och ni kanske kan räkna ut åt vilket håll det pekar av bilden här uppe. Jag hoppas att det är ert håll också. Varenda rödgrön röst behövs.
Snabbguide över partierna


Adolf's house on film, Part XV

This is the last post from Adolf's house :)


A blog tip

Picture taken by my sister who now has a blog!

Two new colours

Two new Wrist Worms colours:
Red & Pink.

What are your plans for the weekend?
I haven't made any and will take it as it comes.
Wish you all a happy one!

Upside down

Min invited us to the opening of Café Berlin yesterday, where she showed her illustrations. I got a bit too drunk and met funny good people from Dresden, Brooklyn and Gothenburg.