- Johan, we should get ourselves an advent candlestick!
- Sandra, look this candlestick has 4 candles, let's use it as an advent candlestick!
(See more traditional ones, as well as others, here)

My husband and I haven't got much Christmas decorations, we have just recently started to collect them. Johan grew up not celebrating Christmas and I left almost all my decorations with my ex. Lizette the cat says she can be a Christmas cat and demands a red bow.

Read more about how Swedes celebrate Advent and other feasts here. Happy 1st of Advent!

& speaking of Christmas, don't forget the Special Christmas Offer in my shop (Buy 1 print - Get 1 print extra for free)!



Although I grew up in the north of Sweden, the Gothenburg cold is hard to stand. -8°c here feels almost as cold as -30°c in Luleå (close to the Arctic Circle). I almost don't want to go out these days, but it's ok because I have so much work to do and being indoors when it's freezing cold outside is special.

Now I do have to go out though, because I'm meeting friends for beer at the local pub and it'll be so much fun. I'm prepared with salopettes, curling boots, duffle coat, thick mittens and a beret! Cheers!


Veggie Wrist Worms

Look! 3 different pairs of Wrist Worms made of (the two pairs to the left) 100% cotton and (the pair to the right) of 50% cotton & 50% flax (linen). You find them at the top of the Wrist Worms Section in my shop. Made for those who prefer Wrist Worms not made of animal hair, those who are allergic to wool and anyone else who likes cotton and/or linen :) Could be a good gift for a vegan/vegetarian friend for example.

Here you can read an interview with me. See you!


A slow farewell, part V

The other day I took farewell of the pizzeria/bar/restaurant Da Marco in my neighbourhood. It's one of those places where the time has stood still since the 1980's. They play the same music and the guests are probably the same, having beer at lunch time, most likely to stay until bedtime. It's shabby in a childhood-nostalgia-way.


A surprise

I'm busy signing prints, packing orders and writing addresses on envelopes (huge thanks to all of you who've placed an order on my Special Christmas offer and other things from my shop!). The only things I've taken pictures of are the dishes and a lunch plate. AND today I got a surprise in the mail - a wonderful sweet gift - the little Berlin notebook. I don't know who it is from, but I'm jumping of joy and I'm so curious of who the kind person is. Thank you thank you thank you!

Update: The kindest person in the world and the person who sent me the surprise is Nina, VIELEN DANK ♥


I woke up to Winter

Gothenburg is all white, windy (stormy) and indoors it's warm. I have received such wonderful presents from two German ladies, Rike (tea, postcard + a stamp which is not in the picture) and Maria (the perfect pouch, which is so useful in my new handbag).

Read an interview with me here.


Special Christmas Offer

Special Christmas Offer until December 22
Buy 1 print - Get 1 print extra for free (Buy 2 prints - Get 2 prints extra for free, etc). These are the prints to choose from - 20 different ones.

Let me know which print(s) you'd like for free in the payment message or through this e-mail form.
Please note this offer does not include the number's poster :)

If you want to give away some warm love to someone you care for as a Christmas gift, there are plenty of Wrist Worms available in the shop, I've also added quite a few pairs to the Wrist Worms Sale (available until sold out).


A slow farewell, part IV

My parents have been in town to take farewell of Gothenburg with us. We've been laughing so much and eating lots of good food. I'm so happy we enjoy eachother's company and that Johan is a natural part of my (our) family. It's so weird, that empty feeling when someone has left, I'm thinking Were they really here? and looking at the dishes I know they were ;)


Friday it is

Later today two of my favourite people in the world arrive in Gothenburg to take farewell of the town. I have an apartment to tidy up and a dinner to plan and make, so much fun!

Wrist Worms are waiting for their wrapping. Dishes is waiting to be washed. It will be a busy day and a fun weekend, enjoy yours!

This made me smile from ear to ear, thank you Peggy! ♥


A slow farewell, part III

Pic 1: Princess is one of my favourite dogs, she's always talking to me very loud when I meet her, I will definitely miss her when I move away from Gothenburg.

Pic 2: I will not miss Systembolaget - the only place to buy wine in Sweden (only open Mo-Sa daytime) where I have to show my ID almost every time I'm there to be able to buy wine and I'm 32 years old in a month ;)

Last Pic: I'm prepared for winter with a pair of these and a hat (it's fake fur, not the real deal that is produced in such an awful way) that I found in Adolf's house.

Good morning

This morning is so good, it's frosty and sunny and cold.

Thank you for your comments about my Wrist Worms yesterday. It must have been pretty annoying for other artists when Malevich got so much attention for his Black Square in 1913, because it's "so simple". It would've looked ridiculous if someone tried to copy it and make a living from it. It's the same with the Wrist Worms I'd say, they are "so simple" yet they are my creation and design and I am very proud of them. Just because it's easy to copy, it's not right. They've been here for almost 3 years and I am so happy there are so many people in the world wearing them. I must have made somewhere between 400-500 pairs so far and they are an important part of how I make my living.


The World of Wrist Worms

Yesterday I looked in my yarn basket and saw it was empty, so today I took a walk to a couple of yarn stores to fill up my storage and also updated the Wrist Worms Sale Section with a few more of the previously sold out colours. Here you find all the available colours, all made of 100% quality wool, NO acrylic. The original Wrist Worms from me to you.

Lately i've been dealing with a copycat and it takes so much energy to fight for the right to your own work. We are artists - we must help eachother, not steal from eachother.

Thank you for your always so very kind comments here on my blog, and thank you so much for supporting my work. I don't have the words to describe my gratitude, I show it in images instead - tomorrow I promise something else than shop updates :)

Pocket Calendar 2011

Pocket Calendars are finally listed in the shop again.


Black & White Neighbourhood

A walk through my neighbourhood. I have lived in this area for 5.5 years, it feels good to leave soon :)

Artwork in last pic made by Ekta & Luke Ramsey.

Kaffe på Kino

Since Kaffe på Kino opened it's where I prefer to have breakfast, it's the best!

This looks so pretty.