Stripes for me

I made myself a pair of stripey Wrist Worms :)
The rose my Gothenburg neighbour grew me last year is still alive, the only plant that made it to Berlin (I carried it on all the flights I took in December - from Gothenburg to Luleå, from Luleå to Stockholm, from Stockholm to Copenhagen, from Copenhagen to Berlin).

Beautiful: Joy of destruction


4 hours

I just arrived home after 4 hours of walking, a walk which included passing by Johan's work to give him a big kiss and candy. 4 hours of walking without a camera around my neck is something I'm not used to these days, it's well needed :) Follow me on instagram (requires an iphone) if you want, my username is sandrajuto, that's where I post these and a whole lot more photos. So much fun!


He's the one



My nieces made me and Johan the paintings in the last picture for Christmas.



This little orchestra passed by my balcony today and it truly made my day!



Gestern war Freitag

A few of the pictures I shot yesterday and posted to my instagram "blog". Will try not to forget about this blog and share some of the pictures from it here.

More instagram love

I have neglected my "regular" camera the whole weekend and taken so many pictures with my phone's camera. You will probably see many pictures like these here now ;)


More iPhone pouches

Look, I made a few more iPhone pouches.


: * : * :

Still sick, but it's good because it inspired me to make a pouch for my phone. It was so much fun and I like mine so much - so I made another one which is listed in the shop, here.