Wrist Worms Sale

The Wrist Worms are on sale! €29 instead of €35 a pair (€29 = approximately $41). The sale goes on until next Wednesday (May 4). Perfect even in Spring/Summer for you who ride your bikes on a cold morning or sit in a cold office and even more perfect for you who have Fall at this time of year. Thought it was time for a sale suiting all of you who live on the other side of the planet from here :) Spring and Fall are my favourite seasons, so let's celebrate!

All the different Wrist Worms are here < The sale!

There are also different categories, for example Veggie Wrist Worms and Large Wrist Worms for larger hands.

Welcome & Thank you!

Ps. The pieces of newpapers I found under the old wallpapers in my apartment, they are from the 1930's and you can read about the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 for example. So exciting!


Happy Easter!

I'm not around my computer and heavy camera very much these days, follow my phoney pictures here :)
An interview with me
See you!



Today is a special day.
I have finished doing my bookkeeping and filled in my tax report for 2010.
AND filled in a paper to quit my Swedish firm Firma Sandra Juto (I never chose a name so they gave me that one, to me it sounds like I am a hooker ;)).
I have a German tax number and will from now on pay my taxes to Germany as I plan to stay here for a long long time.
Interesting huh?!


This weekend I:

bought roses...

& 40 eggs...

had coffee with Mr Pickles, Gemma, Anthony & Johan (his blog is broken)...

had wonderful hibiscus tea I got from a kind blog reader, Lisa in Italy & cookies made by Johan's grandmother...

almost wanted to eat these...

walked down Karl-Marx-Allee...

asked Johan to take a picture of me, but I had to sneeze...

went back home to take on some matching clothes before dinner...

woke up and it was Monday...

took a picture of Adolf's bottle...

and Lizette the cat...

What was the highlight of your weekend?


The lady in braids

My hair is long now!
Long enough to make braids at least.
My mum always wanted to make these at me when I was a teenager and I hated it, I thought I looked so geeky. Mum is coming here next week and is thrilled about being able to braid my hair again.

Update: Here is a tutorial I found, I hope it's helpful (my only tip is to do it without looking in a mirror, but I guess some practise on someone else is best to start with).


About the "new" things

I remember in February 2006, I discovered flickr. I started up an account and got totally addicted. It took quite a while before the fall-in-love-phase was over and ever since then I have been longing for the same experience. A few weeks ago I discovered Instagram - an iphone app that has got me totally hooked. At first I was sceptic about the filters (to be honest, I thought it was so tacky, you know I almost never edit my photos ;)), but the Earlybird filter appeals to me in a special way and I think it suits my aestetics pretty well. I convinced my friend Famapa to start posting there too and now she's as hooked. It's like a twitter for pictures and if you don't like the filters you can skip them :) The more pictures the merrier!

Happy weekend :)



Post 260





Party? Party!

Johan & I went to university together and so did we with Karin, Rebecca, Helena, Maria, Ellen, Kristine who are visiting Berlin over the weekend. With them they have a lovely lady called Maria. We're having a fabulous time. Party at our house on Thursday, different bars & Berghain all night yesterday and tonight it's time for the Pictoplasma party, but first we're meeting for dinner.



Summer in Berlin

They say it's Spring, but with +24°C it is Summer for a Swede. Especially when the sun has given me a face in the colour red. It's a strange feeling when it feels like Summer when you close your eyes, and when you open them there are hardly any leaves on the trees.

The first picture is from this morning at 8am, people were still standing in line to Berghain and I was ready for a 6 hours walk through the city.

Loved reading your stories about what you love about your homes on the post yesterday. Thank you! Here are some of the things I love about my new home: High ceilings, a balcony facing east, all the traffic below, that I can fix it up as I want, wooden floors, huge double doors, a long long hallway (11 meters long...) making it feel like an old school corridor, the location, the nice neighbours, the view of the TV-tower, that there are no radiators etc :)