Farewell May

I can't believe it's the last day of May.
This Spring has been the strangest, most amazing & overwhelming ever. I'm ready for Summer in Berlin.

Today is the last day of the Special May Offer in my shop:
Buy 1 print - Get 1 extra print for free.


In the mail today

Today I received some extra nice mail, the first picture shows the two envelopes - matching together so well :) The big one is from Famapa (The You are here-print) and the small one is from Malin (she made me 2 bracelets, I'm going to wear them all the time, I can almost never find bracelets because my wrists and hands are so small).

Tack kompisar! <3

Last Sunday of May


Saturday's Food Market

Every Saturday I get up early to visit the food market where I have coffee, look at people, buy flowers and eggs. I highly recommend it to everyone, no matter if you're a food lover or not.


A bunch of pictures for the weekend

When roses start to look sad, I cut them off and they live for another week.

Johan is making Sailors again, unfortunately it's just possible to make a few per week, so they sell out so quickly.

Lisen sent me some of her fabulous postcards, I'm in love.

First layer of floor paint. The "rain" colour turned out very blue, I would rather call it sunshine on a dusty morning ;)

Walking to the Post Office and back.

New reads: N.E.E.T., the book featuring my Gothenburg home, Uppercase Magazine (thank you Janine!) is one of the best magazines there is, Drawn In by Julia Rothman looks inspiring.

Flowers from a very kind person, thank you so much!

Yesterday Johan and I had dinner with Nina and her husband. They both were such wonderful persons. Thanks to blogging I have met so many nice people the last few days!

Happy Weekend you all, see you!

A typical Sunday in Berlin

Brunch, fleamarkets and beer - 3 words to describe a typical Berlin Sunday.


Favourite things

You who follow my blog on a regular basis know that some of the things I love to do daily is crochet, eat good food, be surrounded by flowers and have coffee. And I like to share it with you :)
What are your favourite daily things to do?

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