Last day of June

June has been such a good month; the first part I spent with so many nice friends - actually so many that I forgot to who I said what and started repeating myself, so the second part of this month I spent alone as much as possible :)

Happy 6th birthday to my niece Lo!


June 29th, 2011



This is one of my favourite dishes:
Fried halloumi cheese with strawberries, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh chili and basil.

The irony

Oh the irony. Time to put up curtains.
Without a warning there are men outside my windows putting up scaffolding and my balcony days are over, but hopefully not for that long. Luckily Berlin has so many green parks.


Sunday mornings

Love to get up early on a Sunday morning and take a walk around my neighbourhood, it's so calm and sometimes I meet people on their way to a party. There's always a party to go to in this city.



Happy Sunday!


Paint work

This is what happens when you disconnect from the internet and from socializing - all of a sudden there's a hallway's walls and floor being painted. Next up is to cover a whole room of Rauhfaser wallpaper with putty and get a plain surface.


Wrist Worms on Sale

All Wrist Worms are on sale. I'm making space for the Autumn collection (to be released mid/late August) and have listed all the Spring Wrist Worms on sale in the shop - welcome!

Most of them are only available in 1 pair.
When Autumn comes I promise to make another post like this one (hopefully with some men in it :)).

Happy weekend!

Last October

Pictures I took of my home in Gothenburg before preparing to move.



I'm about to finish the grannysquare blanket I started making last year. It will be listed in the shop as soon as it's finished (I promise to post about it on this blog when it happens). I've received quite a few e-mails from people asking about it, so here is a preview :)

Last of the Spring roll

Now it's time for the Summer rolls.


The flat city

I grew up in a quite flat city and Berlin is flat as well. Gothenburg was the opposite of flat. What I love most about flat is that it's easier to ride a bike and that you can see so far away - the clouds! Oh the clouds! I missed that so much in Gothenburg. Last week I started missing one thing (wow, one...!) from Gothenburg: the fresh shrimps.