It was a hot day

I think this was the day I walked 18 kilometres.
With Johan.

Farewell July. Welcome August.


^ : ^


Buttcrack Characters around the world

Min has a stripey one.

Sanna has a naked one.

Trixi has one of the first ones I made.

Nina has 2 buttcrack characters, one of them has been doing some traveling and got kidnapped by a cat.

Mr Blue lives with Flossie in France.

Famapa is taking care of this dude.

Thank you for sending me these pictures and for letting me share them here on my blog :)

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Don't forget to send me your picture/s of buttcrack characters, the post will be up tomorrow. More information here.



A while ago a dear blog reader gave me a disposable camera. I took a walk on a hot day and finished the roll of film in a very short time.

My friends Mia and Carolina's home over at Dos Visit.

My thoughts go to all who have been affected by the horrible situation in Norway.


3 new friends

Mr Uno, Mr Taylor & Mr Harold - all 3 available in the shop now. They bring their favourite picture with them (see 3rd picture of each friend in the shop).

I think it's time to share YOUR pictures of your buttcrack characters that you've bought from me during the years here on my blog (like the post I did with the Wrist Worms), would you like to participate? If so, please send your picture (600px wide) and your blog/website address to xxx (post is up now, look here). Will post the pictures & your links next week! It'll be so much fun to see and share, thank you all!


Mr Art & Mr Snow

Let me present Mr Art & Mr Snow. Finally I have made some new buttcrack characters, I know they have been missed - they are both listed in the shop, welcome!

Imaginary Friends

I have the honor of working together with The Working Proof, this is a limited edition print of 50 called Imaginary Friends.


Shop update

Now the grannysquare blanket is listed in the shop. Update: The blanket it sold.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Grannysquare Blanket No05

Grannysquare Blanket No05 was just finished. Will be for sale in my shop on Sunday, take a look at it here.

Happy weekend!


The rose used to be so tiny and now it's in full bloom.


Gifts & Beer

I have been following Heather for years and when she tweeted about her cold hands I sent her a pair of Wrist Worms - and look what she sent me as a thank you! Wow!

Love Brooklyn Brewery's beers, I requested the Summer Ale from Camilla's husband when they came to visit last month (Sweden has an amazing selection of beer at Systembolaget). It's hard to find their beer in Berlin, I only know one place (thanks to Braufactum) - Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz (not the Summer Ale though). German beer is good, but I really really miss certain American & Swedish Beers which are so different from the German ones - Johan bought a book about making your own beer and I hope he will try it out.



First my e-mail wasn't working for days and then the internet connection was broken - 5 days without e-mailing is pretty many days these days... ;)

My rose is about to bloom, I can't believe it.


Running errands

I've been running some errands today and used an app for my phone to measure how far I walked - 18 kilometers (11 miles)! Being quite busy this week and my websites and e-mail aren't working since Saturday (massive rain in Copenhagen ruined pretty much for my webhost). See you!

Look at Morran giving me a kiss.



This weekend:
Dry Martini, 13.5 km morning walk, Eggs, TiramisĂș, Coffee, Margarita, Crochet, Work, SATC, Oldfashioned, Halloumi im Brot, Headache, Strawberries, Quarrel, Cottage Cheese, Wine, Rain, Croissant, Yarn, Love, Book.


Let's bark in the park

What is the best you have planned for this weekend?
My best and only plan so far is to have no plan.