(also means I'm not checking my e-mail)


One-of-a-kind SALE

I need to make space for new products in my shop, all one-of-a-kind Wrist Worms are now on sale in the shop. You find the ones on sale here: one-of-a-kind wrist worms.

// SOLD OUT //



The Fall

A while ago I saw this tree thing fall. It was absolutely amazing and those of you have seen it know how it falls. It was the first time I saw something like it. Don't ask me what kind of tree thing it is because I have absolutely no idea (and the truth is I don't want to know, the beautiful moment was more than enough for me - internet is so full of information that I happily share pictures with as little text information as possible, hoping to inspire you instead of informing you :)).






A dotty update from my studio

I've finally added some dotty Wrist Worms to the shop:
Dotty Beige
Dotty Blue
Dotty Grey
Dotty Black

The top picture shows characters from the print I made for The Working Proof.



This is me today.


Food on Film

On a very hot summer night I had this for dinner. I've been thinking about it every day since I picked up these pictures from the photo shop.


A June Breakfast

Let's start the new week with looking at some pictures from a very good breakfast I had with the very good company of Trixi, Matze and Johan back in June.


The world of worms

20% off on your Wrist Worms orders until tomorrow (monday) when I wake up! Enter discount code WEEK37 on checkout. Here is where to find them.

Someone asked me how many pairs I own myself - actually not that many because I use a few pairs at a time until they are worn out and then I stand there looking at all the different ones and have a really hard time choosing a new pair. Johan on the other hand owns about 15 pairs, he cares much about having different ones to different outfits. Here is the story about the first pair of Wrist Worms.

Thanks to all of you who have supported my work, it means so much to me! As a thank you I will make another post like this with your pictures of your worms and a link to your blog/website. Feel free to start sending me your pictures (please make them 600 pixels wide), the post will be up in October - I will post a few reminders on the way :) Send them to:

Enjoy your Sunday! I'm going to vote for the first time here in Berlin.


The good weekend

Today has been such a good day. An over 20 kilometers walk and I ended up somewhere outside Berlin.

Thank you all for sharing your stories on this post, it's been a true pleasure to read everything.


Friday film

I recently picked up a roll of film and these are some shots from this Summer. Love love love to shoot film!

Enjoy your weekend people, I will be back here with some more film shots,



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20% off on your Wrist Worms orders this week!
Enter discount code WEEK37 on checkout.
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(Picture taken by Johan)



The Wrist Worms & I & 20% off this week!

Wrist Worms and I cuddling with a phone, a cat, a fox and a camera.
I have made a whole bunch of stripey ones now listed in the shop. Also there are quite a few one-of-a-kind pairs available here!

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20% off on your Wrist Worms orders this week!
Enter discount code WEEK37 on check-out.
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Happy new week!

(Pictures taken by Johan)