Last days of October 2011

October is almost over. Hermann spent four days with me and Johan, we had a great great time. November has always been a good month for me, during one November I went to New York, during another November I became friends with Johan and last November we found a new apartment. I'm very curious of what this November has in store.


Food memories from 2010, Part III

Fall started with steak tartare at a pub.

And I continued eating good food (chèvre sandwiches) outdoors wrapped in blankets.

Pasta to die for.

Breakfast at a café.

One evening we wanted burgers and beer, so we bought beer at Systembolaget and hid it in our pockets, ordered burgers and drank beer when no one saw. Sweden has a different relationship to alcohol than many other countries.

On a dark Fall night Min came over and cooked korean food for us, YUM! It was the first time ever I had bi bim bap.

In October Johan and I went to Berlin to look for a new home. We didn't find anything appealing, but it was sunny and warm and we had pizza and beer (which we didn't have to hide) outdoors.

Back in Gothenburg we slowly started to take farewell of favourite places, for example this great chinese restaurant.

At home we ate salad pretty often.

The last days of November we went back to Berlin to search for a home and found a home! I had some bi bim bap at a korean place.

As a part of taking farewell of Gothenburg things, Johan bought us pieces of sandwich-layer-cake.

And we took farewell of our favourite greek restaurant, here is saganaki cheese.

The last meal in our old apartment an hour before we left it; pizza from the closest pizza place which we never used to order because it wasn't very good and some low-alcohol beer from the grocery store.

Breakfast at my sister's place some morning around Christmas.

Hope you've enjoyed! Looking forward to making a post about 2011's food memories in a couple of months :)


Food memories from 2010, Part II

One day Johan came by my studio with a bag full of wonderful wonderful food.

I used to have a sandwich at one of my favourite coffee places in Gothenburg sometimes, my favourite was the one with taleggio and ham.

My sister and Janne came to visit us over the weekend, we had lots of great food - like pasta for lunch.

And oysters for dinner.

And some greasy greek fantastic food where my sister and I told a joke and I got red wine stuck in my throat and acted like a fountain.

In May Johan and I went to Berlin to celebrate our first anniversary, we had sushi for lunch one day.

And some vietnamese food for dinner one evening.

And these halloumi and falafel plates for dinner the next evening.

And a big plate of good stuff for breakfast.

In June we had dinner as often as possible outdoors. This time with our neighbour. I cooked!

Johan baked hamburger bread and made fish burgers, too good to be true.

We made a creamy pasta with moose killed by Johan's grandfather and chanterelles picked by his grandmother.

We went up to visit my parents and baked bread outdoors on the old grill.

Johan made the best risotto any of us had ever eaten before.

And my dad grilled some baltic herring on the newly built grill.

Tomorrow I will serve you the last food memories post.


Food memories from 2010, Part I

2010 started with Johan cooking Biff à la Lindström (Johan is the one who does most of the cooking, I'm very good at eating and pouring up wine/beer).

Breakfast with the traditional February-pastry semla which is a cardamom bun filled with almond paste and cream. I could have it all year around.

Baltic herring with mashed potato and lingonberry jam for lunch on a cold March day.

Typical food I had for lunch in Gothenburg to save money to be able to eat at restaurants more often; blood pudding with fried apple and cabbage.

Homemade granola, my addiction during Spring 2010 when I came home after swimming almost every morning during the week.

Johan's pizza, I love a pizza with an egg!

Bruschetta made of Johan's bread.

Very typical Gothenburg lunch in one of the market halls.

Another very typical Gothenburg lunch in one of the market halls.

My friend Min cooked some very delicious korean food for me, yum!

This is a common result of when I am "cooking" - a salad with pasta, an egg, some cheese & something made by Johan (for example tomato sauce).

Sometimes Johan comes home with a fish on his shoulder.

On Fridays in Gothenburg you could go out for after work which means you bought a beer and got some food for free - this was the best place where they actually served some nice bites instead of just tortilla chips and salsa :)

A typical Gothenburg breakfast is a plate with 1 croissant, 1 piece of bread with cheese (if you were lucky 1-2 slices of cucumber), a coffee, a glass of orange juice, marmalade and an egg.

A sausage I ate on my dad's birthday because he loves sausage & I couldn't be with him to celebrate.