Snail mail from Oly's island

My friend Oly sent me a package that made me say ooo and aaa opening it, it took quite some time and it's so so so so amazing. Thank you Oly!!

She sent me a package a couple of years ago too :)

Dotty Worms

2 new pairs of Wrist Worms in the shop:
Dotty Ivory Black
Dotty Black Ivory

So glad to finally have these pairs available again, they are some of my favourites.


Decorations at home

My most important christmas decoration is the scent of hyacinths.
What is yours?

Coffee break walk

A fourth of what I shot with my camera today when I went out for some coffee to catch some light inbetween work. The picture of me is taken by Johan.


Friday & Saturday Fun

This weekend has been so great apart from the big sadness of knowing Morran is now gone. Holly invited me to be a guest at her Gift wrapping class here in Berlin on Friday, I met some very nice ladies there - hi you all, hope we meet again! Afterwards Holly and I met Lutz, we had Sekt, pizza, wine and ended up in the bar where Johan is working - he made us some very delicious cocktails. We had so much fun. On Saturday Holly and I met for brunch and we walked around in Mitte, you can see Holly's pictures and read more about it here, I love Holly's writing! When the sun set we met Johan for coffee and dinner, yum! Looking forward to next time already.

Morran in my heart

I am so grateful that I got some years together with Morran who was always a very special dog. Can't believe she is gone. The picture above is from this Summer when she visited me with Camilla and Ingvar here in Berlin, when we had a very happy moment on an old airfield. Camilla, jag är så ledsen för din skull.


Let me take you for a walk, part 2

Some more pictures from the walk I took the other day when Berlin was foggy. With this I say: Happy Friday!