A day in Potsdam

The other day Johan and I went to Potsdam, a place I recommend every Berlin visitor if you have the time. It's such a nice contrast to Berlin's (lovely) roughness; Potsdam is cute, pastel coloured and filled with castles.

I hope you all look forward to the new year!
Happy 2013!!


Ps. If you have any wishes on what to see on my blog in the future, let me know and I'll keep it in mind. Will finally take time to scan and post film photos from 2012 in January (yippie!) :)


Christmas at our place

Hope you all had a great Christmas if you celebrated. I had a very calm one, a spontaneous nice Christmas dinner at our place with a couple of friends.


Last Friday we went to a party and before the place got crowded I took the first picture, Johan took the second one and my friend Hugo took the picture of us together. We have so few pictures with us together, must do something about it :)


A quiet day at home

Party five nights in a row, I need a rest ;)
Looking forward to Xmas and some days to spend at home with Johan. Home has been neglected for months now.


1 year older

It was my birthday on Saturday. Johan surprised me with a wonderful egg benedict and champagne breakfast and in the afternoon I hosted a birthday fika for my friends <3


Winter is here

Winter is here and I had an amazingly fun weekend with friends.
Happy Monday!