The view from my windows

Need I say Berlin is freezing?
The frost on my windows is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.


This is where I work

Once upon a time I had a very romantic picture of working in a studio space outside of home, so I rented one for a year and never worked as little ever before in my life. When I moved to Berlin I decided to have my studio at home again, it's the ideal thing for me.

That pile of Wrist Worms is huge. There are still some on sale in my shop.


Naked trees & snow

A few days ago it felt like Spring - cherryblossom trees were in bloom and pigeons were having sex on lamp posts. Now Winter has arrived in Berlin. Hope you had a good weekend!


A day off

Yesterday I took the day off to meet a friend for breakfast, take a long walk and have coffee. I wasn't home until it was dark.


A morning routine

This city never ends, it's 9x times bigger than Paris. Perfect for those who love to walk for hours, like I do.