Shop update at 7pm

At 7pm Berlin time these products will be available in the shop! 8 buttcrack characters named after people I've met during my time in Germany + 1 neck worm!


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Black & White Home


8 butts

These buttcrack characters will be listed in the shop within a few days, will keep you posted! They still need some faces, just a butt is not enough.


Sunday brunch & fleamarket finds

That dog!
That brunch!
Those fleamarket finds!

Ps. I receive e-mails and comments every day from you lovelies about Berlin tips - at the moment I'm working on a huge guide that will be available as a PDF in my shop as soon as it's finished (this Spring). Thank you for understanding that I can't make individual guides.

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Earlier this week I woke up to this.


Where I spend most of my time

1. At home.
2. At my favourite coffee place.
3. In the bar where Johan is working.

That is when I'm not out walking.



Berlin in Winter


New week, new worms

Hi from my studio!
So many Wrist Worms sold out yesterday, so today I listed some more in my shop, you find them under the category ON SUPER SALE (Wrist Worms cost €22 instead of €35).

Here's to a new week!


Wrist Worms Super Sale

Wrist Worms are ON SUPER SALE in my shop!

€22 (approx USD 29) (original price €35 (approx USD 46))

(until sold out)

In progress

Next week I hope to list some new things in my shop - Neck Worms (both knitted and crocheted) and some Buttcrack Characters (both dressed and undressed). I will let you know when as soon as I know it myself. I will do it on a certain day and time and all information will be posted on my blog beforehand.

Next blog post will be about a special offer.