Hello Manhattan

Hello Manhattan!
Hello Squirrel!
Hello Handwritten Sign!
Hello Sandra getting ready to meet friends!

A day in Brooklyn, Part V

I wonder if the dog in the 2nd picture quit her/his job.

A day in Brooklyn, Part IV

A hot hot hot Tuesday in Brooklyn I had lunch at a pub; french onion soup and an IPA.
Then I was ready to continue my walk and have more than one roll of film left to show you.

A day in Brooklyn, Part III


A day in Brooklyn, Part II

A day in Brooklyn, Part I

One of the best things about my trip to NYC was to walk around on my own while Johan was working (he was part of a project which had meetings in NY a couple of times, but no - we are not moving there).

It's such a small world! I was sitting at a café taking a picture of this super delicious coffee when the girl who made me the coffee all of a sudden said Hi! You have a great blog!. Kimmie, YOU make great coffee!


Streets & Buildings of NYC

A breakfast & A second breakfast

Breakfast is the best, sometimes I have it twice a day.


Between two bridges

Pictures from when I met my friends for dinner in Brooklyn, a nice date which ended with coffee on a roof terrace with the best view. Thank you ladies for a great evening!