The story about the kitten

Johan is a natural blonde and in the summer his hair turns brighter, so of course, after a week in Turkey, it was even more blonde. Nothing special in Sweden or Germany, but in Turkey people were quite amazed and asked him if it was his real hair and wanted to touch it. It all ended with us making an stop-over in Istanbul where the (big, masculine) passport police looked at Johan's passport, then he looked at Johan (who started to feel a bit nervous) and gave him a huge smile and said You look like a kitten! We've been laughing about it ever since October and today it is time to share this story with you.


Green Saturday

Yesterday I spent my morning with Trish. We had breakfast and went to the farmers market. A hot and sunny day.

Thanks for your thoughts and examples on my last post about languages, it's been so fun to read!


German English

Above are a few examples of "mistakes" Germans do when they speak English. I find it so sweet! Knowing the German language it makes total sense why they do it because it's directly translated from the German grammar. AND this has made me very curious of what kinds of "mistakes" Swedes do, please feel free to share in the comment field if you have an example of Swedish English. I want to learn!

This post is written with love with no intentions to offend or make fun of anyone.
If I get a few examples of Swedish English I will make a list like this of them too.

A home in progress

Nothing is in its right place at the moment. I look forward to the day when this place feels like a home again, but first some painting. It's fun!


A month of dating

Lisen & Gustav were here over Easter, we ATE.

One sunny day I had wine with Trixi and Johan outdoors.

Charlyn was here and we went out to Pictoplasma exhibitions and had lots of fun.

Fika with Anthony & Gemma.

My second cousin Ida, who I hadn't seen for 25 years, came visiting with her boyfriend Gustaf and we had such a great time!

Lizzy and I had a coffee and a very nice chat.

And yesterday I went out for a fika with Trish.

April seems to be a popular month to visit Berlin. I have had a few other dates where I forgot to take pictures, for example last Saturday when Johan & I went out to eat Schnitzel with some handsome men from Gothenburg. I have met so many wonderful people! And most of them thanks to blogging, isn't that incredible?

Ps. Thank you so much for your orders on the Wrist Worms Sale - they will be shipped tomorrow!


Spring Cleaning - Wrist Worms on SALE

Spring Cleaning in the shop!
Wrist Worms are €25 (approx USD 33) instead of €35 (approx USD 46) until sold out.

* Here are all the available ones *


In mid-May I will start working on the Fall 2012 collection. Already excited!
Here you can read the history behind the Wrist Worms.


Spring is here



Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my posts lately! Every day I am so excited to read what you write in the comment field.


This was my Saturday

The perfect Saturday - walking around the city for 10 hours, eating a halloumi plate that gave me so much energy that I joined some friends to a club until 5am. After dancing to 'Sweet Dreams', 'The Final Countdown', 'Ghostbusters', 'Nobody's diary' and other hits from the 80's it was great to go home to my man (who's not crying in the picture, it was the wind that made his eyes teary) and sleep a few hours.