One photo every hour, Monday

9am. On my way to water a friend's plants. I decided to take one photo every hour yesterday, here you go.

10am. Having coffee with Johan, yesterday was a day off.

11am. Johan decided to go back to bed after working until 5:30am that morning. I worked, waiting for him to wake up.

Noon. Time for a snack.

1pm. Balcony lunch.

2pm. A walk.

3pm. Fika time.

4pm. Walking.

5pm. Sitting down for a while.

6pm. Hello Mario.

7pm. Having a drink.

8pm. Love this chair.

9pm. Still warm and light outside.

10pm. I walked home.

11pm. Reading. Good night.

It's incredible how much an hour contains, these pictures are such a small part of my adventurous Monday.


6 hours in 17 pictures

My Sunday: A 6 hours long walk.
Tomorrow is a day off as well.


Blue sky, Pink houses

Started my day with a walk together with my camera and then I had some coffee with Johan and a friend. I think a walk is the best way to start a new day, how about you?


A digital hello!

I have been working quite a lot lately, this is one of the projects.

And when I didn't work, I was socializing with friends.

Today I went out to run some errands.

These teapots always make me happy to see.

We are reminded every day of the holocaust.

Coffee bribe, the only thing that gets me out to run my errands.

Elderflowers in bloom.

Everything is so green.

Johan and I had lunch in the park, it's a hot hot day today.

Johan on his way to a meeting.