Randoms from my studio

I will spend most of the summer in my studio, working on a project. Will show you bits and pieces from time to time.

First picture shows a necklace Johan made me, each ball is about 6-7cm big and solid wood. Yes, it's heavy.



A good start of a Saturday

Breakfast and a walk with Johan was the best way to start this day.


Took a day off and did this (among other things)

Yesterday I thought of taking a day off to walk around the city, but it was too hot, so I worked instead. Today it was time for that walk, it took 8 hours. Haven't planned several day in a row of vacation this summer, just a day here and there.

I was lucky to have great company, my husband. We had breakfast at a café.

Pankow, Wedding or Mitte? We chose Mitte today.

I love characters with a stupid look on their face.

Oh this green city.

Wouldn't mind sitting down for a while.

No comment.

Time for lunch.

My lunch, a salad with apricots, feta cheese etc.

Beautiful doors.

Some colour is definitely needed on this building.

Passing by a beautiful café.

Thank you for your very kind comments on my posts lately. I thought of them today and how happy I am for having such a lovely readership on my blog.


Monday Blues

The colour blue, not my emotions about this specific day of the week. I have never felt the Monday blues that many people talk about. Everytime I notice that I start blaming things on a specific day, month, season, weather condition etc I try to do something to break the pattern. There's not much we can change around us, but the way of thinking we for sure can do something about. It does definitely not work for me all the time, but it's important to keep in mind.

Happy Monday!


4 pictures of a 33.5 year old

This is me looking as a serious author.

Elisabeth posted a thing about showing yourself on your blog (read it here) and I agree with her when she writes about being more interested in/feel more connected to a blog if you know the author behind it. I don't post pictures of myself very often, simply because I'm the person behind the camera.

The more personal a blog is, the more I kind of "expect" to see the person behind it. If the blog itself is very anonymous I think differently, but still I am always very curious of who I am connecting with.

This is me looking very cool (note: I'm being ironic).

There's (in my opinion) nothing cool about looking grumpy, mean, unsympathetic, ignorant. I am trying to smile more in pictures instead of looking too serious, pictures of people looking content with themselves inspire me much more.

This is better, but I still need to practise!

Then again, you don't have to show your face if you don't want to. Of course!
For me it's a bit like talking to a stranger on the phone (a tiny phobia of mine) though or meeting someone for the first time and they wear sunglasses so I can't see their eyes.

Any thoughts about this?

Pictures taken by Johan


Monday & Tuesday in 17 pictures

I have started working on the new collection of Wrist Worms, they will be for sale in August or beginning of September. I'll keep you posted!

Tomato plants on the balcony.

Hello livingroom.

New shelves in my studio, time to get organized.

Yesterday I cooked for Johan and a friend.

This morning Johan was going to a meeting and I decided to join him for a walk.

Had a cortado and watched people passing by.

Hello man!

Hello green!

Hello Lenin!

Hello dog!

Hello bear!


If it wasn't for the early hour I would have wanted to sit down here and have a glass of wine.

Hello Spree!


My new shoes, I bought them in this crazy pink because if they'd been black I'd probably wear them all the time just because they are comfortable. My feet will be happy on my morning walks.