How I started the new week

Pictures from yesterday morning. I took a walk, had a cortado, took some pictures. That's how I like to start my days, it gives me so much energy to work the rest of the day/evening.

Time flies, I am a very busy bee the next couple of weeks. Will make sure not to forget about this space because it's also something that gives me energy and inspiration. See you!


Hot Schorledays

I have always loved to mix sparkling water with juice or white wine. The Germans have a name for it - Schorle. The last picture shows a Schorle Johan and I made at home yesterday. It's perfect for hot days, well perfect for any day honestly. Recipe:

Grapefruit & Apple Juice Schorle
1/2 (50%) Mineral water
1/4 (25%) Apple juice
1/4 (25%) Grapefruit juice
Fresh mint
Slices of lime
Ice cubes



Pictures from a café, but I didn't take a picture of the coffee?!

Last pictures from this roll of film. On Thursday I will pick up a film which Marion sent me. Looking forward to the result and hope to show you some of it as well.


Randoms from July

#1 Early stage of the project I'm working on.
#2 Waiting for the S-Bahn.
#3 Lisa baked a lot and gave her friends a sugar rush.


A night in June

These pictures are from a night in June when I cooked for Johan and Christopher (who is an amazing artist, look at his work here).


Details of my home

Random foodrelated pictures

On Saturday Johan and I went to the market and bought some food as usual. This Saturday was pretty unusual though, I will tell you more about it in August or September.

Dining table.

My favourite person to eat good food with.

My lunch today. The usual when I'm "cooking": Take whatever is in the fridge and put it on a plate - eat.


Fika under a disco ball

I am so busy (and it's fun) at the moment that it's really hard to find time to socialize and take pictures, luckily I have some old film shots from earlier this year to post.

Wish you all a happy weekend.


Another country

GDR as a country lived for 41 years. These buildings (except the Bibliothek one) were built in the 1950's, the early years of GDR. I can not get tired of looking at them.