It's Wrist Worms season!

Hi! It's Wrist Worms Season and this is a yarn made of 85% wool and 15% camel and I really like the look of it. At the moment there are 8 different colours from this yarn in the shop and there will be more later on this fall.

These are some of the most popular ones through the years.

I took one mustard pair for myself.

This will be the 5th fall I make Wrist Worms, so thankful for all your support through the years.

Some different shades of blue and purple on request.

There are plenty of new looks this Fall (see last pic/collage) and there will also be Wrist Worms for children soon.

More of the 85% wool & 15% camel ones.

* The shop *
Thank you for visiting and enjoy!
Let me know if you have any special wishes and I might make them come true (striped black and white pair is on its way).

Later this fall I will put together a post like this and this :)

Morning Walk, Chapter Three: Orange

Morning Walk, Chapter Two: Water

Berlin is the first place I have lived where there is no sea around, luckily there is the river Spree.

Morning Walk, Chapter One: House hunting

Pictures from yesterday.

Thank you for your kind comments on my post from August 28 :*


R.I.P. Adolf

Johan Adolf Juto died this morning, 89 years old. He was my dad's uncle and those of you who have followed my blog for a long time may remember the pictures from his house where he lived until 1990. They are all collected in this flickr set. I have loved documenting his house and I have many amazing memories from my childhood with Adolf. The picture above is from when we met the last time, Summer 2010.


Back home in Berlin

Being home means taking care of the tomatoes on the balcony. When we were away our friend was babysitting them and did a great job.

Being home means going to the food market on Saturdays and bring home flowers.

Being home means to sit and read at the dining table.

Being home means you can buy 4 bouquets of flowers for the same price as you pay for 1 rose in Sweden.

Being home means you can take a picture of the great really old American glasses Johan thrifted in Sweden. Would look great as sunglasses!

Being home means admiring a necklace you got as a gift from your husband.

Being home means it's time to go to the photo shop and develop 2 rolls of film containing pictures of Sweden. I develop my films at FotoWerk.

Being away made me come back to my home and appreciate it more than ever.


Swedish nature

LuleƄ, the town where I grew up, gave me a preview of Fall, my favourite season. Everything smelled so fresh, the kids started school, Johan and I walked up on a mountain early in the morning and then we went home.

I'm looking forward to Fall and also to present this year's collection of Wrist Worms! Let me know if you have any wishes when it comes to colours and materials.