Bye Bye Berlin

I'm leaving the city for some days. Will go offline except for some moments on Instagram, my user name is sandrajuto and you can see my pictures here.

See you!


Greetings from Berlin

Thank you for all your sweet and kind comments on my last post, glad you liked the interview, it was a lot of fun to participate in the middle of the progress of fixing up this apartment. I will show you some pictures from before we started the big project in a near future :)


Freunde von Freunden

Some news: Johan and I are featured on Freunde von Freunden today. On a rainy day in July Philipp and Sylee came by for a very nice morning at our place.

Picture by Philipp Langenheim.



After a week filled with work and socializing with visitors in town, I have now come down with a cold, so there's not much else to do but rest which I don't mind at all. See you, tomorrow I have some news!


A Sunday in October

On Sunday Johan and I had our first whole day together in a really long time - we had breakfast, went to a fleamarket and then took the U-bahn to the west.


Kitchen window

One of the best things about Autumn: Dahlias.


How I spent this morning


I started my day walking, taking lots of pictures (as you might notice) and doing some crochet work at a café. Trying to catch as much light as I can, don't mind working until late in the evening right now. Wish you all a really good weekend!


A great embroidery find

Last Sunday I found this at a fleamarket, the patterns are so fascinating. So oldfashioned yet so modern, don't think I will ever get tired of looking at it.