Crossing bridges

The other morning I took a long walk and saw this and a lot more.


New in the house

This yellow lamp moved into the kitchen a while ago.

Tickets to Depeche Mode next year, so excited!

Some weeks ago I came home to a new reading corner in the kitchen.

The latest issue of Frankie Magazine has an amazing cover...

...and a photo by me on the inside.

In the latest issue of Femina I am talking a bit about a book I really like.

You've seen this before, but this time it has grown a bit.

Good to know: I ship Wrist Worms every day until Xmas :)


Buildings, Leaves & Butts

Some pictures from yesterday, it was a good weekend.
Happy Monday!


Crochet coffee

I spent the whole week working with a few exceptions; sleep, fika and food. Today I brought my camera out for a walk and I will show you the pictures tomorrow :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


This morning

Started my Sunday with a slow brunch together with Johan and now we are both spending the rest of the day working. Thank you hugely for your Wrist Worms orders this week. Today is the last day of the 20% discount code (I'm taking it down tomorrow morning (my time) when Sunday has ended around the globe), you can read more about the special offer here.

See you!


Let's go for a walk

In my hallway there is this ladder, well worn and full of old paint from years and years back, both from us and from previous tenants. It's too beautiful to hide in a storage room, so when not in use, it's an accessory. Let's put on shoes and take a walk now. Join me?

First, breakfast. Flat white and yogurt with muesli and raspberries. Together with Johan.

The tiles in this city never stop to amaze me.

Hi, this is me!

Nature creates a beautiful mess.


The colours are almost unreal.

Hello gulls!

So much to look at.

This always catches my eye.

As well as this.

Walking towards a place...

...to have another coffee!

You find this place and lots of other good places in my Berlin guide.

After having lunch with Johan I walked towards the subway.

Love all the photobooths around this city.

Last signs of Fall.

Stop for another coffee? No thanks. Two are enough for me in one day, although I never get a "kick" from the caffeine. Do you? I have never felt that I need coffee, just that I want one. Guess it's a good thing not to get addicted to things, but sometimes I envy people who can kick-start themselves with a coffee.

Beautiful brooches.

These pictures are from yesterday. I woke up in the morning and forced myself out after spending the whole week working both day and night. It was the best I could do.

Enjoy your weekend!