Newborn puppy

Got up at 3:30am this morning, love the few times a year when that happen. To sit and work and see the day starting outside my windows. When Johan got up, I decided to walk with him to his studio. After that I made the decision to continue walking. What a day, I will sleep like a newborn puppy.

Best today 1: Hearing & seeing an old man screaming MOOOOOO to a huge fake cow.
Best today 2: This blog - Food and Nina the Corgi <3

Ps. Art in 8th picture made by Billy & Alex.



I was sick for a few days so this is what my camera caught :)
Good food, good times at home - meaning I wasn't really sick but had a cold.
Happy new week!


New York, March 2012, Part III

I'm thinking about putting together a small guide to New York in the same style as the ones I've made for Berlin and Gothenburg, would that be of interest?
(Can't say yet when it'll be online, making these guides takes a lot of time)


New York, March 2012, Part II

Looking so much forward to going back to NYC in the future being jetlagged and walk the empty streets early early in the mornings. Looking forward to those early empty streets-mornings when the sun is up in Berlin too :)


New York, March 2012, Part I

Looking through my picture archives I found a lot of pictures from New York last year that I never posted here.
Here they are! Two more parts to go :)

Around the house

Someone asked me about my favourite flowers and these pictures show two of them; roses and ranunculus.