Easter brunch

Easter weekend, a long weekend of food, friends, drinks and great conversations. Tonight we're having greek food!


The morning after

Pictures from Sunday morning, such a good start with bloody mary's and bread with a salmon-creamcheese-blackpepper-spread. Last picture shows what Johan got for his birthday from my rival. Here is a letter from her, 2.5 years ago ;)


Scalloped edges and greetings

Last year we painted a blackboard in the hallway and instead of a straight line I came up with the idea of making scalloped edges, looks much more fun. For Johan's birthday party it was the perfect guestbook.


Turning 30

Last week Johan turned 30 and we threw a party on Saturday for a bunch of our friends and family members. Wish I could share the atmosphere of the bathroom in pictures, but it's impossible. It was like being in a cathedral with lots of flowers, liquor, music by the wonderful Arvo Pärt, candles and toilet paper.


At my place today:

The snow makes such a pretty light in my studio these days.
A few pairs of dotty black Wrist Worms are finally available in the shop again.

It's a hectic week over here, in a good way. See you soon!


Early morning

Pictures from the other morning. I have had the honour of being sick for a few days now - something I discovered while taking this walk on which I stumbled around looking like a drunk person trying to make my way home.


A weekend of:

It has been such a good weekend with lots of food, friends and snow. Picture number 5 shows Scottish brunch which we were invited to have at friends' place yesterday.

Happy Monday!


A reminder: Wrist Worms on Sale!

* * * * * * * * * * *

20% off on your Wrist Worms orders between March 1 - 10!
Enter discount code MARCH2013 on check-out in the shop.

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Worldwide shipping (€3.50 outside of Germany & €1.50 inside of Germany).
Please use an online currency converter to calculate the price in your currency for an accurate result.

Here and here you can see some sweet Wrist Worms wearers.

Tonight I will have friends over for dinner, looking forward to it a lot.
With this I wish you a happy weekend! See you soon!


A walk to work

Most mornings I start with taking a walk. Since my studio is at home it's important for me to go out before entering the studio. The walks pretty often include coffee, taking pictures and running some errands (shopping, going to the post office etc). Business and pleasure in its best way.

(Thanks for your dinner comments yesterday, I ended up having sushi)